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COM DAY is an annual event of the Communication Department that brings together students, faculty, alumni and communication professionals for a day of learning, sharing, networking and exploring the future of communication. The event provides a platform for communication professionals to share their knowledge, experience and insights about current trends in the media and for students to learn how best to prepare themselves for successful and fulfilling careers.

This year's theme, "Join the Webolution," focuses on addressing the way social media affects us individually, socially and economically. Today, media holds a unique position in our society, and both businesses and individuals are progressively reliant on social media to build communities and provide information and diverse perspectives. As seen in recent events such as the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement, social media has definitely placed a value on independent thought. The purpose of this event, "Join the Webolution," is to further inform students how to use social media in an innovative way that would enhance their personal lives, careers and communities.

COM DAY is planned, organized and executed by students of the Special Events Planning class under the direction of faculty advisor, Dr. Vinita Dhingra. COM DAY is sponsored by Cal Poly Pomona's Communication Department and supported by a grant from the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences.



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